Forum Dança

Who we are

Forum Dança is a non profitable cultural association, created in 1990, and whose purpose is to promote both artistic and professional development, investigation, editing and documentation.

In the field of vocational training, Forum Dança conceived and organized, since 1991, Professional Development Courses. There were 22 of these Courses which were held in Lisbon, Oporto, Torres Vedras and in the Algarve, namely: Dance Monitors for the Community, Contemporary Dance Interpreters, Dance Management/Production, Performing Arts Management/Production, Dance Monitors’ Recycling Course, Choreographic Research and Creation, Dance Techniques for the Community, Dance in the Community.

Forum Dança is a bridge between the professionals and the audience. It develops pedagogical projects, seminars, Seminários e Workshops and regular classes, aiming both professionals and amateurs, both adults and young people.

It also provides artistic guidance and is equipped with a documentation centre specialized in dance, with about 550 works in different artistic and technical areas, magazines and dance catalogs, and also an image archive.

Forum Dança has worked with both national and international organizations spread throughout the world.

Forum Dança is financed by the Direcção Geral das Artes.


Forum Dança – Associação Cultural
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